Sarcomical - 2005-04-13 21:33:16
i love you so much. let me clarify. i love the smell of clean sheets and things in organized stacks and bubble baths in a sparkling tub OH! and a spotless sink makes me SWOON! my house currently: sheets not washed for 2 or possibly 3 weeks. one room in the whole house not full of crap that should not be there (dining room). dirty dirty nasty tub. sink full of dishes. hair and dust on floor. pet hair buildup on carpet. desk full of pistachio shells, plastic wrappers, and random important pieces of paper i may never find again. closet floor covered 2 feet high with clothes. BUT...hotel floors make me cry. i have to wear socks. other than that, i'm with you.
Jana - 2005-04-14 00:10:21
Oh, how I love hotels and laundry and everything white. I have never, and will never own a pair of white pants though, so I hope you look fantastic and beautiful and that nothing stains your pants or ruins your fun in Texas.
Jecca - 2005-04-14 10:38:16
Mmmm . . . laaauuundry . . . smells gooood . . . I LOVE laundry smell. And the hotels, so great. The anonymity is exactly it: Here I am in my own room, I can do whatever I want, no one knows where I am or who I am, and the whole place is filled up with other people who don't know me and don't care. And they clean it every day and the sheets are always fresh and they bring you clean towels. Heaven. So awesome that you are going on your own. Have a blast! Also, you are brave with the white pants.
hannah - 2005-04-15 13:19:16
See, I am not remotely, remotely tidy, but I am fastidiously clean. And I too love the hotels. Have fun in Dallas!
bluepoppy - 2005-04-15 16:13:41
when I need a fat, delicious, juicy, satisfying, long, inventive, original post-- I know EXACTLY where to head . . HERE-- you amazingness, you.

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