emjaybee - 2004-12-29 13:53:43
Oh, I'm with you on the fancy clothes and parties. But maybe one year you can dress up, just for the hell of it. I bet Kent cleans up real nice and looks purty in a tuxedo. That's the part of dressing up I like, seeing the husband all spiffed up and knowing I'm the envy of everyone who's not with him, ha. It's a shallow reason, but it works. I try to think of party clothes less as mobile torture devices and more as costumes, especially if tiaras are involved. But the best part of the evening is still always getting home and changing into my pajamas.
Marilyn - 2004-12-29 19:48:28
I'm so with you on the 'hating people, dressing up, parties...' thing. I even wondered (thankfully not out loud to my boyfriend) if he would mind if I skipped New Year's Eve altogether...and just stayed home. It's really no fun when your mate is a musician. Who the hell wants to sit alone on New Year's Eve, for god's sake, looking like a total couldn't-get-a-date loser? I always feel like I should have a sign around my neck: "I'm with the band. No, really."
Molly - 2004-12-29 20:10:10
I am totally up for the formal fancy parties in theory, but when the time comes and I have to put on tight clothes or pinchy shoes, I always just want to curl up at home. I think my husband has it easier - men's suits are much more forgiving and comfortable than dresses!
Martha - 2004-12-29 22:46:57
I want to spend New Year's with you. Because your ideal sounds just like mine. Comfy clothes, a couple of good friends, some unhealthy food, and a lot of champagne.

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