Heat Stroke [ 2005-06-14, 7:12 p.m. ]

I have three younger brothers. People think this is interesting and noteworthy, and I am frequently asked, What is it like to have three younger brothers?

Here is EXACTLY what it is like to have brothers:

I think this is my favorite birthday card EVER. I laughed and laughed and LAUGHED when I opened the crumpled bubble-envelope and pulled out The Shins' CD and a folded up piece of paper from my brother's Filofax. My brother is actually a dear, sweet, sensitive person who will dig through family photos to find just the right one to frame for a Christmas gift, but this totally made my day, week and possibly year.


The Great Mice Wars of Ought Five rage on, and today we called in the big guns. The big guns go by the name of Ed, and they do not kid around. I am claiming victory.


Em came and visited me this weekend and I had forgotten how much fun she is. She is fun. We had the best Girl Date day ever on Saturday. OH MY GOSH!! But before that? On Saturday morning? Brit and I ran a 10k!! And FINISHED! I had a great time and only peed my pants a little at the end, when I was realllllly hot and tired. I finished in 57 minutes and change, and signed up to run a half-marathon in August. Brit and I are now Serious Athletes. But back to my date with Em! I came home from my run and we showered (not together) and went to the movies and then had ice cream and got pedicures and went shopping and bought shoes and then bought wine and went back to my apartment and drank a bottle, then met up with friends, drank and ate more, ducked out early and came back to my place, gossiped for a little while and were asleep by 11:30. It was awesome!


Kent is going to Ohio for the weekend and I have decided to treat myself to a Me Day on Saturday. I am eating pastries and going to see that Magic Pants movie, then I am taking myself to dinner at a nice restaurant where I can sit and read and drink wine. Or, I will join Beck at her little sister's bachelorette party and try to convince boys from Jersey that I am 25. It's still a toss-up.

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