With Apologies... [ 2004-11-04, 12:43 a.m. ]

Am feeling bad for last post as it does nothing to make the world a better place and there are lots of really, really smart people talking about politics and I often do not even understand the B plots on "The West Wing." Have decided that rather than be hateful bitter ranting woman will try to be sincere earnest volunteer-minded person. Is hard to keep up with news and politics and foreign affairs, and am better suited to Finding a Cause, perhaps. Ladies with a Cause are v. respected and often get mentioned in Vogue and have glam friends as well as clever ones and know Marc Jacobs. Musn't say 'Fuck' so much once find a cause, also must buy sensible loafers and perhaps eat leftovers more often. Will try not to curse at Midwesterners because is v. bad Karma to curse at fellow man, and part of new outlook is Positive Energy. Will focus on deep breathing exercises, and maybe take uo yoga again. Will take yoga once a week! Brilliant! Yoga will calm and sooth and make awful crick in neck disappear and will soon walk in glide-y, ballerina manner like Christy Turlington. Yoga is perfect for new Positive Energy outlook, and all Girl About Town women in Vogue do it. Also must wear more scarves. Except...am pretty sure that yoga is mind-numbingly boring. And inconvienent with tv-viewing and social schedules. But think of glide-y, ballerina-style walk I will have, will saunter into offices of Important Social Cause and will be serene and patient, for the good of the country. Will also stop picking at face, even though am getting hideous fucking (gah! no more 'fuck') spots on forehead, right near wrinkles. Yoga and volunteerism are v. good for complexion, no? Can't remember - are we for or against Botox? Must look up on Internet, as wrinkles are positively furrowed. Will not do, not at all. Clearly, need good skin for truely positive outlook. A bad complexion makes everyone unhappy, and cannot be expected to make world better while worrying over spotty face. Speaking of spots, forgot to apply expensive eye gel. Eyebrows could also use grooming. Will start with Positive Energy in a.m., must go deal with skincare emergency immediately. Feel that plan is off to smashing start! Much better than scrunchy-face ranting, which probably causes wrinkles and acid reflux. Can finally go to bed, as am serene and full of optimism and good will. Tomorrow is another day! Will triumph! AM FABULOUS!

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