A list of Things I Unequivocally Love [ 2004-03-25, 8:56 p.m. ]

Chocolate milkshakes

Stretchy lounge pants

The Eames Plywood Lounge Chair


Lucky Magazine

The New Yorker

Anything written by David Sedaris

Or Amy Bloom

Or Alice Munro, Tom Robbins, Anne Tyler, Charles Baxter, Tim O'Brien, or Jane Smiley


Old books

Cook books

Le Crueset cookware

Grilled cheese sandwiches

A meal of nothing but bread and cheese


More wine


With lots of salt

Road trips

Hotel rooms

Hotel pools

Room service

Clean sheets

Digital cable

The Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking from midtown, through Union Square and the East Village and NoLita and Chinatown, past City Hall, then across the Brooklyn Bridge. Especially when it's hot out.

Grimaldi's Pizza

When I stretch and my neck cracks a gazillion times

Getting my hair washed at the hair salon

Prada shoes

Marc Jacobs bags

Me & Ro jewelry

Tony Soprano

Watching reruns of Frasier before I fall asleep

Dos Equis beer

Eel rolls


San Francisco

The drive down Highway 1

Waking up early without an alarm clock

Cosabella lingerie

Classic trench coats, even more so with the collar turned up

Looking at real estate websites

The idea of owning a loft apartment

Going to open houses of loft apartments

Loft apartments

Moules frites

Tom Waits' voice

Kate Moss's wardrobe

Kate Winslet

Angelina Jolie

All things Buffy

Especially the episode when she goes to the prom and gets the umbrella and Angel shows up at the end and "Wild Horses" plays while they dance

The idea of doing yoga

Not doing yoga, but instead stretching a little while I drink wine and eat chocolate bars, wearing sweat pants and watching Law & Order

Chris Noth, when he was on Law & Order

Or Sex and the City

Chris Noth's smile

Egg whites and cheese on a sesame bagel


Table linens

Sketches by Ellsworth Kelly

Men's forearms

The smell of bacon frying

The smell of coffee

The smell of summer rainstorms

The smell of a cleam, soapy man

MY man

My friends

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