NaNo More [ 2003-11-30, 10:54 a.m. ]

Oh, sweet jesus - why Diaryland, why? Why can I not get the html for my images without losing what I just wrote. You know, that long entry I wrote without saving it in Word first. Sigh...

But THANK YOU to the 94 movie channels we have, because on one of them (Encore? Starz? Showtime?), I just found Hannah and Her Sisters, one of my fave movies. Yay!

Anyway, here is what 50,000 words plus a new puppy plus a Thanksgiving meal cooked plus soon-to-arrive houseguests minus a travelling husband looks like:

Pretty, eh? Dark roots, pale skin, baggy sweats. Sexy. But I'm almost done with the NaNoWriMo book, although I'm not quite there yet (but hey, it's not even noon! I have 12 hours...)

I really thought I'd get further along, word-count wise, but it was really, really hard for me to make time to write. I'll finish with just over 50K, about 10% of which I think is good, maybe 30% which is crap, and the rest which just is. Next year I think I'll have a better idea of how to approach NaNoWriMo, if I do it again. For now, I am just looking forward to getting my nights back. In retrospect, I did not plan my November very well, trying to write the stupid book, then agreeing to host Thanksgiving, then adopting the puppy, plus a really busy holiday work schedule and the knowledge looming over me that we will have relatives staying with us for most of December. But all the things that were stressing me out (Thanksgiving, NaNo, Tuesday) are things I chose to do, and I'm glad I did. Still, I am a wee bit frazzled (see above picture and note the dirty hair with an inch of roots).

Speaking of Thankgiving, it was a culinary and social success, and a romantic disaster. Mr & Mrs BritGirl brought several lovely side dishes, and Biscuit brought two desserts which rocked our world. My turkey was great and the stuffing (challah bread, chestnuts and apples) was rockin' good, table beautiful, friends great. Unfortunately, Kent and I argued before our guests arrived and then picked right back up when they left. It was a fight of the blow-out variety, fueled my my frustration with his lack of support/consideration/help for the holiday preparations. He sat on his ass while I did all the work, and seemed totally unaware that hosting Thanksgiving takes any effort at all. It was bad. Then, immediately following the fight, he was on a plane to Ohio where he has been (I'm SURE) waited on, hand and foot, by his mother the whole time. He comes home tonight, and I think things are okay with us, but I am still frustrated.

It's not as though he is deliberately or intentionally trying to NOT help me or offer support; it's just not in his way of thinking. I've written about this a little before, I think, but I feel like he goes through life with blinders on, and if it doesn't pertain to him or his work life, he blocks it out. All of it. I'm not looking for grand gestures and a cooking buddy, but just to feel that I - and we - are something he considers and wants to actively make better. But I digress...

Here are two pics from Thanksgiving. As I was furious with my husband, I never actually took pictures of my friends, but only of the set table. First, here is the appetizer area, also known as My Coffee Table. Me loves the cheese...

And here is the table (You know, the 1940's table that belonged to my dead grandmother? The one my parents sent me as a wedding gift via the very-expensive UPS? That table? Arrived with a broked leg. Thanks UPS! Thanks...) All that china and crystal is now stacked in the kitchen, as I have no where to put it after it's inaugural meal.

I hope you and yours had a great holiday!

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