Adventures in House-Breaking [ 2003-11-14, 12:13 a.m. ]

11 Ways in Which a Puppy is Like a Man:

1. They want to romp when you want to sleep

2. They pee a lot

3. They hate it when you buy them clothes

4. They hate it even more when forced to wear the clothes

5. They whine when you leave them alone

6. They'll eat anything

7. They act tough out on the street

8. They fart and act like it never happened

9. They enjoy a good belly-rub

10. They make weird noises when they sleep

11. All they really want is love

Kent and I are loving our new baby Tuesday. She is sweet as pie and starting to adjust to her surroundigs. She keeps peeing in the house, however, which is not so cute. Tonight, I am proud to announce, she went on the WeeWee Pad for the first time (basically a flat diaper sheet that absords the "mess"), and Kent and I nearly gave ourselves a stroke, we were so friggin' giddy. Two adults, cooing "Do your business!!" over and over until she peed, at which point we were both in High Baby Talk mode and shoving treats at the poor dog. But she's so cute!!! She went to the vet yesterday and tolerated a shot and a fairly intrusive thermometer reading, and seems very healthy. She barks at other dogs on the street, though, which I hope she outgrows. Since she's been in a shelter for most of her (short) life, I'm sure she just needs to adjust to doggie freedom and get socialized with other dogs. I hope!

I don't know how parents do it...when I had to leave her today (for the first time) and I heard her crying in the apartment, my heart nearly broke...for a dog.

Oh, and I bought her a fleecy coat for the winter, which she hated...but LOOK at her!!

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