Unnecessary Vanity Project - I mean, Photo Essay [ 2003-10-19, 11:50 p.m. ]

I don't know why these are blurry...when I scanned them in they were perfectly clear, and when I first uploaded them, still perfectly clear. I can't figure it out. But I blame Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just because.

The coast of California is so friggin' gorgeous that even a photo-dunce like me can take a pretty picture. I took this:

...and even on a two-lane highway miles from the nearest town, you can still find someone to take your picture:

More pretty California coast. I think the speck on the left was a whale:

This is the Mission Santa Barbara. Once, it was in an episode of Buffy:

Honeymooners on a hill, east of Santa Barabara. With grafitti:

My chest has never looked flatter:

All those pictures were from my honeymoon earlier this year. Kent and I spent a week in Hawaii and a week driving down the CA coast, with no plans at all. We ended up staying a few nights in Santa Barbara and a few in San Francisco, and it was the best part of the honeymoon. We loved having no schedule, just a car...and when we got our pictures back, the California shots were more beautiful than the Hawaii ones...just goes to show, sometimes everything you're looking for is right in your backyard. Or, the backyard of the beautiful Four Seasons Santa Barbara.

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